Easy 15 Acrylic Nail Tip Designs

Followed by hair, shoes and clothes, the next fashionable item is definitely nail art. Art on the nails is a very popular beauty procedure used for enhancing the look as well as the appeal of the nails possessed by a woman. Women are quite conscious about their nails because it helps them in enjoying the attention that they get. Just like all the other beauty procedures, there is the right method of doing easy and cute nail tip designs for getting that perfect appeal and look for the nails. There are many women who are fond of beautiful designs on their nail tips, but they are apprehensive about creating these designs considering it to be a very difficult job. Some easy designs for your nail tips have been provided below. These will help you in graduating through the more complicated designs.

Nail Tip DesignsCute and Funky Nails

Have you ever noticed people’s nails? Sounds gross, right? Well, did you know that in the past decade nail art has reached a new height? It was started since the Japanese pop star Ayumi Hamasaki performed with cute nail arts. Her style was copied by millions of her fans and the trend started. Before that, nail art is not much known, but nowadays, it has reached a status as highly acclaimed as tattoo. I’m sure you have watched or at least heard about some nail related reality shows. That’s just how popular it is.

What about Beginners?

Of course you are thinking if some nail tip designs are doable for beginners. A lot of people got discouraged because they think it would be very difficult. Here’s the thing to remember, simple is beautiful. You can always have a simple two tone nails with rhinestones or even Swarovski crystals at the tip as an accent. And as time goes by, you will be more and more experienced, and who knows what kind of design you can come with. There’s no limit on creativity, especially when it comes to nail. The space limitation may take you to a new point of view.

Which Path to Choose?

In general, you can always go both ways. You can have the simple and cute nails or go totally experimental. Lately, the trend is to take the term 3D nail into another level. Some people have actual dolls and feathers hanging on their nails. That’s not practical, but still pretty to look at. If you are a much practical person with house chores to do, you might prefer something much simpler. It’s something that relied much on your personal preference. Tone down a little bit to suit your taste, or maybe go all the way through.

Anyway, just have a lot of fun with nail tip designs you have in mind. You can always sketch it out first to make some necessary adjustment. You sure know that you don’t have to draw everything. Nowadays, there are a lot of stamps and stickers that you can put on your nails. They can broaden your creativity. A single stamp can be a thousand more patterns. Feel free to be creative and add a couple more patterns or original drawing into your nail. After all, painting your nail has become a new form of art.

Alternating Colors

This is one of the simplest designs to accomplish and it requires minimum effort as well. The only thing that you need to do is make use of different colors on each nail tip for getting them noticed.

Using Effect Polishes

Nowadays the market for nail polishes is filled with products that can creatively be used for producing several effects like Magnetic effect, Color changing effect, Croc effect and Crackle effect. Special effect nail polishes can be used for giving the nail tips a completely different look within no time at all.

Nail Stickers/Nail Wraps/water Decals

You also have the option of getting innumerable ready-to-use acrylic nail designs including full nail wraps, nail stickers and water decals. These are available along with the instructions on how to use them. The instructions are very easy for you to follow as a beginner into creating nail art designs.stickers nail tip designs

Stripes Work as Great Nail Tip Ideas

Stripes help in making the nails look very attractive. Use a good quality art stripper for creating stripes on your nail tips. You also go for the option of using a thin brush.stripes nail tip designs

Dotting Manicure

Small dots tend to look very stylish especially when they are used in combination with uncomplicated looks. Dots can easily be used on the nail tips for creating flowery designs. Beginners can find creating dots on the nail tips very easy and it also serves as the first step towards creating nail designs without using templates.dotting nail tip designs

Animal Prints

Animal prints like those of zebra and leopard can be created very easily and they always help in making the nail tips look stylish and cute.

animal prints

Heart Nails in Polka Dot

This is one nail tip design that is suitable for you if you are thinking for something stylish on Valentine’s Day. However, the design can also be flaunted throughout the year. You can use pink nail polish for creating this design. Dust all your nails in pink except the ring finger. Use white nail polish for painting the ring finger. Now draw polka-dots in heart shapes by making use of a toothpick. The dots need to be made in various shades of pink. The last step involves applying a top coat for sealing the design.heart nail tip designs

Chocolate Nail Tips

This is a very easy nail design that can be created using a nail polish in chocolate color along with some decorations like hearts. Make use of good quality nail glue for sticking all the hearts on the nail tips and then sprinkle golden glitter or nail paint on the design.chocolate nail tip designs

Use Glitter Gradient

Glitter gradients can always be tried on the nail tips for giving them a fresh look. The nails need to be painted black and then the glitter nail paint should be added to the nail tip by making use of a sponge. Secure the design by applying a top coat.

glitter nail tip designs

Digital Nail Tip Design Ideas

Digital nail designs look extremely beautiful provided they are created in an appropriate manner. The very first step involves painting the nail with white nail polish and allowing the nails to dry. The next step is using a stripper pen in black for drawing lines on the nail tips and filling in some areas with different colors while leaving other areas white. The black lines can be drawn all over again for getting a better look. Secure the design by applying a top coat.

digital nail tip designs

Lace nails

lace nail tip designs

French nails

french nail tip designs


gel nail tip designs


vinyl nail tip designs


airbrush nail tip designs


winter nail tip designs